About us

Our Mission Our team works tirelessly to provide our supporters the world’s hottest styles. Not only do we focus on making sure our customers are looking good, but making sure they also feel as good as they look because of the powerful message behind our brand. Our mission is to empower and motivate women all across the globe to strive to become the best version of them and remind them that the sky's the limit. We listen to our customers very deeply to provide the best coveted fashion styles for our customers. It is our top priority to make our community feel empowered and confident. We cater to anyone who has a love for fashion. Regardless of race, shape or job. We will be also expanding our market to serve MEN while we are also currently working on our up-and-coming line for KIDS as well. About Us When two siblings (Nasir Muqtadir aka "Babyfacenas" and Nuriyah Muqtadir) witnessed the sacrifices and struggles of being raised by a single mom, it sparked the idea in them to help and empower other single moms. This idea created a movement behind their very own clothing brand. GET YA MONEY, initial inspiration and hope production was to help support their single mother. The business venture has continued today as part of a movement to help as well as empower single mothers. Also motivating women all across the globe to strive to become the best version of themself and remind them that the sky's the limit. This led to Nasir to writing his hit song "Get Ya Money" empowering women. The song has received a lot of great and positive feedback and is one of his biggest songs to date. They are planning on expanding the brand to men, children and branch out to different clothing niches as well. “Our main goal really is to help single moms as well as motivate women to be strong and independent”!